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Hi I have 2 quick questions for you, how do make the poses in your animations not automatically tween? Do you change interpolation to constant? An in your snow golem set, how did you link everything together not to go in edit mode?

I set my poses on consecutive frames, so if I need a quick in between I just make an empty space and let the computer fill it. When I start timing things out I set it to constant, since I’m spreading the poses out in the timeline. And things don’t go in edit mode because it’s all linked into one scene using File>Link.

Have you watched Slamacow latest music video yet? How was it? :D

Pretty cool :)

Is their any easy way to animate facial movement with your rig? Haha, it seems like it would take FOREVER when your animating!

What other way could there be, it’s all keyframe animation. It does take a little while but not forever.

You think you could possibly allow us to download the pig model used in “Steve - Thinking Differently”? Also, maybe a test scene similar to the one in that animation!? Thanks man!

I’ve posted them a while back:



How long does it take you to come up with your ideas, animate, render, edit, then upload them?

Usually 2-3 weeks. Though if I’m not busy and if I feel like it I can make a quick short in a week or less.

The face options didn’t show up for me strangely. I am using Blender 2.62. I simply loaded it in straight from a fresh install of blender.

You have to enable the Face layer in the sidebar. If it still doesn’t show up I have no idea.

I’m not sure if anyone asked you before and I’ve been looking for a question about it but, how do you get the minecraft blocks in your minecraft animations? do you import it? and if so what program do you use to import it?

I create them in blender from scratch. I explained how in previous posts.

Hi, can you tell me how can i give 2 another rigs in 1 project? Thank you, i´m new in blender :D.

Make 2 copies of the file, then open up a scene and go file>link>blend file>group>minecraft. You’ll need to then select your imported object, go ctrl+alt+p and then select minecraft_rig to make a proxy for the rig so you can move the character around.

How do you do the lighting you do in your animations? Is there any certain tutorial you recommend? PS. - You should do a video of you making an animation step by step.;)

I just enable ambient occlusion and place a bunch of different lights where I need them, mainly Sun lights for outdoor scenes.

So, on your rig.. I can’t get movement in the legs. I tried everything. I am using the latest version of blender as well. Any suggestions?

You have to use the target controllers underneath his feet.

hello just a quick question are you going to be making a tutorial series on your new youtube when you make it ?? just like basic stuff , changing background , texture , bit of animation and so on

Well I mentioned before I’m not going to do a video tutorial series on anything, my blog will be a place where I show behind the scenes stuff and answer questions. If you want to know basic stuff like texturing and animation there’s plenty of sources online, blendercookie.com is probably the best source for blender stuff.

Hallo, please give me an advice how can i make torch with fire like 11 (minecraft animation) Thank you.

Doing fire simulations can be tricky, here’s a tutorial on it: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/introduction-to-smoke-simulation


There’s some things I need to announce about the near future. Firstly, we’re well into working on the next animation, although it might be a bit slow right now because I’m doing it with a couple of friends and they’re still trying to get the hang of blender. Soon we should be producing videos pretty quickly though, just need some practice.

Secondly, I don’t think “VMComix” is going to last very long, I just don’t like it and I never meant to go with it. It was just something quick I came up with for my youtube channel back when I was learning blender. I’m not sure when but we’re gonna come up with something a bit better, and I’ll make a new YouTube channel and all that along with it. I don’t know maybe we’ll actually end up sticking with VMComix, or maybe we’ll change it in a few months, or maybe we’ll change it next week, or maybe we’ll change it yesterday, WHO KNOWS.

Anyways thirdly, whether or not we’ll go through with the name change, I’m going to ditch tumblr and go to blogspot. I just find that the way tumblr works isn’t really for me, so yeah, sorry.

Hey mate nice Animations but i would like to ask a question , how did you get the nice background on the video you made called ,”Steve - Thinking Differently” because i noticed behind the blocks there is an image and i couldn’t figure out how to do it. my animation always has a shitty dark background , thx :)

The actual background was just light blue with a slight gradient, you can change that in the world settings. The distance blocks are just renders of mountains, mapped as image textures to planes and placed precisely so the camera would see them. Works well when I want to fill up some holes in the background to make the environment look denser.

Hi, can I ask, how to make minecraft terrain, which is rounded around the edges? I tried it many times, but never impossible. Thank you for your reply. Sorry for my english :D

I’d recommend not doing rounded terrain at first, it’s kind of a hassle and can take up a lot of memory. But if you really want to know basically I selected all the edges that I wanted to be smoothed out, and I set the bevel weights to 1 in the side bar (sometimes I might do it backwards, set everything to 1 and then just remove what I don’t need). Then I added two bevel modifiers, set limit method to weight, applied them, and then re-uv mapped the whole thing by doing cube project and re-aligning it in the uv editor.

Anonymous said: Oh yeah, one more thing, when you make your walk, do you do it manually? And do you add the location keyframe in two ones from the start point to the finish point or do you just move the character forward after each movement?

I do the walks manually, each step is a different pose as well as everything in between.

Anonymous said: Did you find it really hard at first to animate? Cos I'm really struggling with a simple walk cycle and that should be easy

Animation can be hard to grasp for some people, especially if you’re learning by yourself. All I can say is the best way to learn is if you come across a point where you’re stumped just look up a tutorial for that thing, there’s plenty you can watch online. Here’s a quick guide you can follow to help you with your walk cycle though: 

Anonymous said: how did u get the blocks to look all smooth on the edges? any tutorials u recommend?

The blocks are smooth because I beveled the edges after I modeled the terrain.