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Anonymous said: hi! im a guy really struggling with rig creation! could i just ask, have you ever had any trouble adding an armature to your head and then go into pose mode and it only moves around the head and not the eyes, teeth, eyebrows etc? i would ask you many more questions cos im so stuck but im not gonna,

Are the eyes part of the same mesh as the head? And what way did you parent the head, did you just parent it to the bone or use vertex groups? Because if you used vertex groups it might be that the vertices of the eyes, teeth, etc aren’t assigned to the head bone.

Anonymous said: Can you publish your amazing pig rig?

Sure although it’s not perfect and there’s some weird things about it that I want to fix but I think it’s usable: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/53122678/pig_rig.blend

Also be warned for some reason you can only have 1 script file in your scene, so you might have to switch between steve’s and pig’s if you have them both. I’ll put the script files together later on though.

Anonymous said: How do you make the corner of the cube smooth?

Bevel modifier, and I use bevel weights to control where I don’t want it to be smoothed out. Then I just apply it and re-uv map the terrain with cube project (it’s not perfect but I found that it works best).

Anonymous said: hi i like your videos so much but i want to ask you,how mush time do you spend to make a animation video like that ?

Usually I try and limit videos so that I can finish them in under a month or a couple of weeks. The thinking different video took somewhere around 3 weeks, but like I said in the last post I might not animate every day in that time because I’ll have school work or I just don’t feel like it.

Anonymous said: How much time do you spend on your animations a day?

I don’t animate every day, but if I’m working on a project it just depends on how much time I have. Usually it’s a good 3-4 hours on a productive day. An average “segment” of animation (I do several shots at a time) will be around 10 seconds long, and can take me up to 4 of those productive days to finish. It’s hard to estimate though, it all depends on how motivated I am and how complicated and/or long the animation is.

Here’s the behind the scenes video for the latest short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtFkrZQj5Ew

And here are the files people have been asking for, although this time I only posted the first little section of animation, for a few reasons. One, I’m too lazy to go through and clean up the entire short so that when people open it up it won’t lag or look confusing. Two, I don’t exactly trust putting out my entire animation for everybody to download. And three, really you don’t need the whole thing if you’re just looking to see how I did it and learn.


You probably get asked this way too much, but will there be more Minecraft such videos? I thought your Steve - Thinking Differently was just brilliant and would love to see more :D

Yes, I’m going to get help from other animators so that hopefully we can release them on a regular basis, maybe every few weeks or so. We have a person who can do music scores for us too.

Hi. What do you mean: “As I said I’ll most likely post a progression reel for the animation too, soon.” I can’t understand it. Probably because I come from another country.

Progression reel as in basically a behind the scenes video, showing different stages in animation. You’ll see when I post it.

ok, on your snow golem and your steve animations, he is holding a snow block and a dirt block, i was wondering how you cleared the parent to from the bone to the block without the block going back to the first frame where it starred off, this is a big problem ive been having and i was wondering if you could help me :)

I used a child constraint, because you can control the parent with a slider and switch it on and off. It doesn’t work that great with more complicated parenting (like switching an object from one hand to the other) but in blender that’s really your only choice :/ Here’s a video explaining it: 


Alright I’m getting a ton of questions so I’m going to bunch them into a single post from now on.

how long have you been animating?

4 years, although I didn’t get serious about it until about 2 years ago.

Hi there! I was just wondering, do you have any tips for someone who wishes to learn about Animating in Blender? :) Your work is amazing btw! Keep up the good work! :)

Well animating in blender isn’t different from animating anywhere else, and the most important thing to consider in animation is to tell an interesting story in the most clear and effective, but also entertaining way. You don’t want to bore the audience with slow and weightless movement but you don’t want to confuse them with rapid jumpy stuff. Just take your time with it and only include what actually contributes to the story, because getting a message across is what counts.

What do you render/make animations with?

Blender, I’m going to post this everywhere I can because I get this question too often lol.

Hey, do you have a map you will like to share to the publish? just an old map witch you did’t use or a easy map you made in 2 sec. if i will type in description of my video that you made the map:-)

I don’t have any easy maps that I spent 2 seconds on and didn’t use. Just make an effort to create your own and do the best you can.

have you any tutorial of blender? sorry for my bad english

Two sites I always recommend to people are blendercookie.com and blenderguru.com, probably the best sources out there on blender.

How can i switch to editing mode? in your slow golem map? i can only choose objeck mode and pose?:D

The characters and objects are linked into the scene and can’t be edited, if you wanna edit the set or one of the characters you have to open the original file.

Anonymous said: I'm the one who asked about mipmapping earlier. I was using your character rig and it was crisp and clear in the viewport, but blurry in the render. -Plathix

I’m not sure, it should be set up right. What version of blender are you using? (just respond in comments).

Anonymous said: Can I see the files of "Steve - Taking Diffrent" for Blender? Sorry for my bad English.

I’ll post some of the files soon, along with a little progression reel video.