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Anonymous said: Hey did you make the map in blender? if do you got a tip?or did you used a program or somfhing?:-)

I made the map in blender by just making a plane, subdividing it a bunch of times and then using the circular select tool (shortcut C) to select random faces and extrude them.

dillyhue-deactivated20140809 said: You've probably answered this before but what program do you use to make your animations? I'm in the intermediate stages of becoming an animator and I am always looking for very good looking animated videos and the programs used.

I use Blender.

Anonymous said: hi, what are your blender render presets?

1280x720 at 30fps (although I animate at 24, I convert it later)

Anonymous said: Hey, how do you get those textures with so good quality, so rough? I'm not using blender to animate (I use 3ds max), but I use the textures from terrain png, but they don't have a very good quality...

I turned off mipmap so it doesn’t blur pixels together and I overlayed a subtle high res texture with a normal map.

Anonymous said: I disabled mip mapping in system settings, but the render still has blurry textures, what should I do?

Is this for the character or something you made yourself? Because the texture needs to have interpolation and mip map off in the texture settings in order to not be blurry.

Here it is, sorry for all the delays. As I said I’ll most likely post a progression reel for the animation too, soon.

Anonymous said: Hello, the animation will today or tommorow?

Be patient, I have a friend who I let do the sound effects and another guy who might do music. If it doesn’t come out in time then it’s just how it is.

Anonymous said: Hi how do you make textured meshes be transparent so it just shows the textured parts and not the black background- like if you want to make a monster spawner or leaves block

Check off Alpha in the texture settings and then in the material settings turn on Transparency and turn the Alpha all the way down (leave the alpha in the texture settings turned up)

Anonymous said: Hi, When do you think the Minecraft video will be out?

I’d say this weekend. The rendering is just about done and I have to put all the sound effects together.